With a Care in The World

Sefton Carers Centre is an organisation that offers free advice, guidance and support to those who provide care for a loved one or family member.

For medical or socio-economic reasons, there are people who find themselves in need of care and attention not covered by social care policy. In some instances, the role of the carer often becomes the responsibility of a family member and all to often, that person is a child of school age.

‘With a Care in The World’ is series of four books created to raise awareness of this issue and highlight the number of young people in Sefton who are carers for a close family member. Based on real stories and written by local author Charlie Lea, these books tell of the every-day experiences that many young people go through and the impact that being a carer has on their lives.

We were asked to develop and illustrate the four characters of the books as well as design covers that would reflect the local environment. Local landmarks and location played a big part in telling the stories and allowed us to convey a sense of drama and isolation – this, in turn, helped draw the reader in and highlight the impact that being a carer can have on a young person.

ClientYoung Carers, Sefton Carers CentreServicesBook Design, Illustration