Oor Ain Toon

Oor Ain Toon is a collection of intergenerational writing from Airdrie by the Awesome Authorettes and the Men With Pens.

The Awesome Authorettes are a group of pupils at Airdrie Academy. The Men With Pens is a creative writing group based in Airdie and supported by North Lanarkshire Council’s Community Learning & Development department. Both groups started this project towards the end of 2005 and produced a body of work to engage the reader and help challenge the so-called ‘age – divide’.

The client’s only request was that we use the plaque embedded in the pavement in the middle of the ‘toon’ centre. So we decided to create a photographic approach and make the plaque the focus. We then created the title of the book as paving stones.

ClientNorth Lanarkshire CouncilServicesArt Direction, Design and Typesetting